We spent 3 hours to see on watching the movie “The shawshank
redemption”.Honestly speaking,it’s really a moving and instructive
movie.In my opinion,it taught me far more than a movie itself that I
will use for whole life.
  My first impression about this movie after watching was it’s most like
the “PRISON BREAK” which was so popular broadcast now.If you ask me “Who
gives you the most deep impression in the movie?”,I should not hesitate
a moment to say “ANDY DUFRESEN”.It’s not only because he’s the main role
in the movie,but also he showed me so much that I could benefited more
than everybody can imagine.
  In the movie, ANDY DUFRESEN was accused of murdering his wife and his
lover that he was sent to the prison.Facing the whole life in
prison,maybe he felt depressed at first.If I were him I may even not
wanna live any longer.It’s not because he must spend all his life in
prison,but also he was circumvented.And this is the greatest place that
ANDY had.I still rememberd ANDY once said to RED “Hope is a good
thing,maybe the best of things,and no good things ever die”The words he
said maybe simple,but the meaning was so deep that everyone cannot have
anything but hope.Everybody must had hope not only for the future but
also for the life whatever it may be.Evidently, ANDY had shown us a
perfect example of what hope can make one person do.He finally escaped
from the prison and had another life that he hoped so much.It’s this
belief,this hope that can him had it done.I learned so much from
ANDY,and I will always be hopeful to the life in the future and be brave
to face all the difficulties that may happened in the future and had
confidence to conquer them.
  There’s on doubt that the second role of the movie must be RED.The
best friend of the ANDY after he got into prison and the man who was
changed by ANDY’s action.At first,RED didn’t think hope is useful and
treat it as a dangerous thing.But after 20 years live together and got
to know each other RED changed his idea about hope and hold this useful
thing to live in the entire life.However,as the movie shown us,he will
live with ANDY and had a really good time.I’m so happy to see this
  Maybe it’s only a movie,but what we can learn from it was beyond our
imagination and we will use what we learned for the whole life from the
movie.I will always be thankful to the movie had shown us.